Time Class
4.00pm Grade 2 Tap
4.45pm Grade 2 Ballet
4.45pm Advanced Acro
5.30pm Grade 2 Modern
5.30pm Grade 3 Ballet
6.15pm Grade 3 Modern
6.15pm Grade 4 Modern
6.15pm Advanced Commercial
7.00pm Grade 3 Tap
7.00pm Advanced Contemporary
7.45pm Gold Jazz & Tap
7.45pm Adult Ballet
Time Class
4.00pm Grade 5 Modern
4.00pm Intermediate Acro (Class 1)
4.45pm Grade 5 Tap
4.45pm Intermediate Acro (Class 2)
5.30pm Grade 6 Modern
5.30pm Intermediate Commercial
6.15pm Intermediate Tap
6.15pm Intermediate Contemporary
7.00pm Intermediate Modern
7.00pm Adult Modern
7.45pm Advanced Adult Tap
7.45pm Intermediate Adult Tap
Time Class
4.00pm Beginners Acro
4.30pm Beginners Commercial
4.45pm Grade 4 Ballet
5.30pm Intermediate Jazz
5.30pm Grade 5 Ballet
6.15pm Stretch
6.15pm Grade 6 Ballet
7.00pm Advanced Jazz
7.45pm Stretch
7.45pm Intermediate Ballet
Time Class
4.30pm Intermediate Tumbling
5.15pm Advanced 1 Modern
5.15pm Advanced Tumbling
6.00pm Advanced 2 Tap
6.00pm Body Conditioning
6.45pm Mobility
Time Class
No Classes
Time Class
9.15am Primary Ballet
9.15am Grade 1 Ballet
10.00am Primary Tap
10.00am Grade 1 Tap
10.30am Primary Modern
10.30am Grade 1 Modern
11.00am Pre-Primary Ballet
11.15am Pop Choir
11.30am Pre-Primary Tap
12.00pm Musical Theatre
Time Class
No Classes
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