Time Class
4.15pm Grade 4 Modern
4.15pm Grade 2 Ballet
5.00pm Grade 2 Tap
5.00pm Grade 4 Tap
5.45pm Grade 2 Modern
5.45pm Grade 3 Modern
6.30pm Creative Ballet
6.30pm Grade 5 Modern
7.15pm Pointe Work
7.15pm Grade 5 Tap
7.45pm Adult Ballet
8.00pm Grade 6 Modern
Time Class
4.00pm Acro
4.45pm Acro
4.45pm Grade 6 Modern
5.30pm Contemporary
5.30pm Grade 6 Tap
6.15pm Contemporary
6.15pm Intermediate Modern
6.30pm Adult Beginners Tap
7.00pm Adult Modern
7.00pm Advanced 1 Tap
7.45pm Intermediate Adult Tap
7.45pm Advanced Adult Tap
Time Class
4.15pm Silver Jazz
4.30pm Grade 3 Ballet
5.15pm Stretch
5.15pm Grade 4 Ballet
6.00pm Jazz
6.00pm Grade 5 Ballet
6.45pm Stretch
6.45pm Grade 6 Ballet
7.30pm Inter Foundation Ballet
Time Class
4.15pm Ballroom & Latin
5.15pm Intermediate Street Jazz
6.00pm Advanced Street Jazz
6.45pm Body Conditioning
Time Class
No Classes
Time Class
9.30am Primary Ballet
9.30am Grade 1 Ballet
9.30am Grade 2 Ballet
10.00am Primary Tap
10.00am Grade 1 Tap
10.00am Grade 2 Tap
10.30am Primary Modern
10.30am Grade 1 Modern
10.30am Grade 2 Modern
11.00am Pre-Primary Ballet
11.00am Pop Choir
11.30am Pre-Primary Tap
12.00pm Musical Theatre
Time Class
No Classes


Festival Competition Classes

Festival Competition classes are suitable for dancers looking to enter competitions within the North West – solos and duets.
These classes are perfect for those students wanting to work on dance performance and on a one to one level.

Please ask at Reception for an available time slot. Introductory class packages are at a discounted rate on request.